Besides In addition to energy storage solutions commercialization and supply, including diverse a variety of battery technologies currently present in the market as well as and some under development, Albufera Energy Storage also provides advisory services and carries out an important informative disseminaion task by means of the organization of international congresses and teaching training courses.

In the business world, companies are regularly graded on the value of their assets. They report to their shareholders mainly about revenues and profits, past and expected, but the value of their knowledge assets can be harder to measure. However, the correct the entrepreneurial management of these assets of knowledge assets can be critical to the success of any the business success as being the company know-how considered a knowledge main driver factor of an affecting the success of any organization’s success.

That ’is why Albufera Energy Storage is highly committed with the additional training in energy storage systems instructed as a specialized course, in company or academically projected.


As the leading training insourcing company, we organize a specialized Energy Storage Systems course with high quality service and comprehensive capabilities. Former editions have proven expertise and experience in managing energy storage engagements as well as creating a significant impact on the industry.

In cooperation with the partner entities, we offer you to discover perspectives and approaches to business development. As well as how to or get support for the challenges of marketing, launching or internationalization of your company.

Our teachers are innovative and approach subjects from a fresh angle as they possess the latest information in know the state-of-art of their respective their fields.

These courses represents a unique event in Spain which addressing, in a differential and integral way, all the aspects related to matching of energy storage needs with their corresponding battery technology.

The course usually takes place in Madrid but it is also available in other locations upon request.

The courses, in addition to studying in detail the main issues related to energy storage and the future of batteries, analyze the situation of the markets and consider practical cases on battery calculation and its applications. They are aimed at professionals of technical profiles and executives of companies of within the sectors of the renewable energies, the engineering, the electric vehicle, the telecommunications, etc. They are also suitable for colleges and executives of professional colleges of engineering or architecture, etc.


In addition to periodically organized training courses, Albufera Energy Storage offers tailored training services that are custom-made for each company and organization comprising a wide variety of battery technologies and energy storage solutions, upon request.