Albufera Energy Storage launches into the market a new electrochemical battery based on sustainable raw materials such as Aluminium and Carbon.

Its low cost will, in the mid-term, make a reality the use of energy storage systems in the new energy models together with the effective spread of the Electrical Vehicles, being competitive with the classic battery technologies.

With that target, the Albufera Energy Storage R&D team works in its laboratories in important projects such as:


    ALION project develops a new technology of aluminium-ion batteries for energy storage with application in decentralized electricity generation sources.

    The project covers the complete value chain from the manufacturers of materials and components, battery assembly, to the validation of the technology in a specific electric microgrid system including the renewable energy source.

    The final objective of the project is to obtain a modular Al-ion battery validated in a relevant environment with a specific energy of 400 Wh/kg, a voltage of 48 V and 3000 cycles.


    ALPAM project aims to design, develop produce and validate a portable primary energy storage device based in the Aluminium-air electrochemistry conceived to fulfil the needs of electricity portability that some military and civil applications have.


    SALBAGE is a collaborative RIA (Research and Innovation Action) project funded by the EU under the FET Open call. It gathers a consortium of different top-level research groups as well as two European SMEs. The project’s goal is to develop a new secondary Aluminium Sulfur battery combined with polymerizable ionic liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents as electrolyte.

    The project’s aim is to put Europe back at the forefront of the research in new battery technologies.

Would you like to validate the Aluminium-carbon technology in your sector?

Albufera is already doing so with companies from different fields