Albufera E-Power

Albufera e-Power will provide to its clients and customers personalized energy storage solutions which will be manufactured, commercialized, collected and recycled following the circular economy principles. Is just there, in that market niche, where the added value of Albufera e-Power is. The main advantages are the following:
Low cost batteries

The profitability of the proposed solutions is a clear USP compared with the market available batteries. The average sales price is, at least, a 50% lower than other alternatives. These batteries also ensure the functionality and performance provided by the main competitive technologies such as Lead-acid and Lithium-ion.

Longer life
Thanks to the technical advisory services and O&M provided by Albufera e-Power, customers will benefit from longer battery life therefore, improving the LCOS (Levellized Cost of Storage). This will make a direct impact in the application profitability.

Main VEs manufacturers, for instance, will count with stronger marketing cases to sell their product.

Advanced battery recycling services

Albufera e-Power will guarantee the extended producer responsibility (EPR) contracts, what constitutes a clear added value for the main manufacturers of electric vehicles and other devices. It will also develop specific processes towards the renewal and recyclability of its batteries.

Environmentally friendly procedures to reduce the carbon print and material scarcity.

It is expected to dramatically improve the batteries LCA (Life cycle assessment) and LCC (Life cycle costing) (average 50-60%) during all its life cycle due to the maximum exploitation of the resources.

Safety and Warranty
The extensive experience of the company in battery related technologies along with the quality of its products and personalized services, ensure the maximum safety and performance guarantees.

Manufacturers and suppliers of small electrical vehicles








Green Loft Electric Solutions




Replay Golf

Renewable technologies development companies to integrate in Smart Cities.


Ekiona Iluminación Solar



Main battery supplier of the EEBE ePowered Racing team (Polytechnic University of Catalonia -UPC) for the MotoStudent competition.