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Our mission lies in providing battery systems to our customers including present and future technologies. Albufera Energy Storage solutions focus on the most demanding applications: renewable energies, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, electric vehicles, military equipment, medical devices, etc.

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Albufera Energy Storage offers battery expertise, consultancy, engineering, supply, Installation and operation of battery systems based on Lead-acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium-ion and primary solutions.

Albufera also proportionates to their customers a complete set of battery testing equipment for product validation, analysis of special applications and wide expertise in the field of the battery. These facilities are the so call Technical Centre for Industrial Batteries, (CTBI) within Albufera Energy Warehouse.


Knowledge increasing


Albufera Energy Storage organizes an specialized course of “Energy Storage Systems based on electrochemistry”.

• This course represents a unique event in Spain which addresses in a differential and integral way, all the aspects related to matching of energy storage needs with their corresponding battery technology.
• The course usually takes place in Madrid but it is also available in other locations upon request.


• Albufera Energy Storage organizes specific courses comprising a wide variety of battery technologies and energy storage solutions. The specific courses are oriented to company professionals.

MABIC CONGRESS – 3rd Edition

Facing the imminent financial effort in Europe, and other geographical areas, for achieving new energy storage systems where Metal-air batteries play an important role, Albufera Energy Storage organizes a dedicated international congress: MaBIC. This congress is a forum to discuss about all progress in the research, development, production, operation and commercialization stages of Metal-air batteries. The III edition of Metal-Air Batteries International Congress will be held in Barcelona 5-8 Jun, 2017.


Research & Development

We participate in national and European projects for further develop materials and solutions around Aluminium batteries:

ALION: High specific energy Aluminium-ion rechargeable decentralized electricity generation source. NMP-13 call in H2020. Grant 646286 (2014).

ALPAM: Aluminium primary batteries for military applications. COINCIDENTE program from the Spanish Ministry of Defense (2015).

CEBRA: Development of high efficient air electrodes. Torres Quevedo program from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (2015).

ALIENA: Innovative storage for standby applications based on Aluminium. Retos-Colaboracion program from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (2015). Project RTC-2015-4471-3.

Thanks to our strong focus in new research materials and products, Albufera got in 2015 the certificate of innovative SME from the Spanish government.


Albufera Energy Storage is officially registered as a trademark in the United States of America since August 2016


Our Team

Joaquín Chacón Guadalix
Chief executive officer
Patricio Peral Galindo
Chief business development officer
Ana López Cudero
Paloma Rodríguez Soler
Chief technology officer

Isabel Guerrero Martín
Project manager
Francisco Pérez Alonso
Luis Baratas González
Chief financial officer

Florentina Arriaza López
Chief laboratory officer
Mikel Pino Martinez
Maja Jousif Gagovic
Chief communication officer

Cristóbal D. Páez León
Chief International Officer (CIO). Caribbean Basin Countries
Inmaculada Alejo Campos
Administrative support