Primary and specials

From primary batteries to rechargeable ones, able to cover all different needs.

Primary batteries are extensively used for many applications where, either have low energy consumption and a relatively long standby time between uses, or is difficult or inconvenient to charge the battery. Cylindrical, button, and coin cells have a market share of more than 2 billion dollars worldwide. Albufera Energy Storage addresses the market to offer a current solution, in association with our partner Camelion and the future deployment of Aluminium-air batteries.

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery is a mature and thoroughly tested battery technology, patented back in 1899. Ni-Cd batteries are used in a wide variety of stationary, mobile and portable applications, ranging from large-scale backup power supply and aviation starting batteries to handheld power tools and toys.

Albufera Energy Storage has a close collaboration with GAZ (Germany), one of the most important and reliable Ni-Cd manufacturers in the world, able to offer a whole solution in rechargeable battery technologies.

This project comprises a group of market leader companies in order to provide diverse components of the system enclosing the central energy storage system headed by Albufera.