The most modern solutions in Lithium-based batteries by Albufera Energy Storage.

“Lithium-ion battery” is a generic name for a family of battery technologies in which lithium ion plays a key role in the electrochemical charge/discharge reaction.
The choice of the best Lithium-ion technology for a specific purpose is determined by the power and energy requirements of the application, the operation environment, the electrical preconditions and economic aspects.

Albufera Energy Storage provides the most modern solutions such as Toshiba´s Lithium-Titanate technology, Lithium Polymer technology and/or its own products.
The AURORA® system from Albufera, integrates a self-developed BMS (Battery Management System), a Lithium-ion pack and a new envelopment in rack designed for several applications.

This project comprises a group of market leader companies in order to provide diverse components of the system enclosing the central energy storage system headed by Albufera.