Albufera Energy Storage designs and provides solutions with the best European quality.

Lead-acid battery (Pb-Ac) began to be used in the nineteenth century, and is still the most common rechargeable battery system in the world. Its market share is as much as 40 to 45%, due to the low manufacturing costs, good performance and long life of this battery.

In this sense, Albufera Energy Storage has developed important projects in both sectors, industrial and domestic, with Pb-Ac battery systems:

• Renewable energy integration,
• Power grid maintenance and regulation,
• UPS’ batteries replacement,
• Security services requirements, etc.

In order to provide the best quality of the installed products, Albufera signed an agreement with the European company “VIOSY” that manufactures all the Pb-Ac battery models according to the highest industrial standards.

This project comprises a group of market leader companies in order to provide diverse components of the system enclosing the central energy storage system headed by Albufera.