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Is Albufera a company or a research institution?

Albufera Energy Storage S.L. is a spanish company established in 2013. Due to its initial purpose and goals, the activities related to R&D have been very relevant during the first two years of consolidation and, certainly, will continue to be critical in the future. Nevertheless, we are also involved in Battery Engineering, Consulting and , in addition, we commercialize other battery technologies.

When will Aluminium batteries be available for users?

Nowadays, Albufera is beginning the process to build the first production lines for rechargeable and non-rechargeable Aluminium-air batteries. These products are forecasted to be available at the end of 2017 for certain applications.

What will its price be?

One of the first aims of selecting Aluminium as the base metal for our batteries was, definitively the potential lower final price compared to existing referenced and market projections. In this way, the price will be aligned with the parameters of international objectives for Energy Storage Systems: below 250 €/kWh.

What is Albufera doing now?

Today, Albufera is involved in four main activities as follows:
Sizing, supplying and operating Energy Storage Systems based on traditional battery technologies as Lead-acid, Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium-ion, Primary Lithium and alkaline cells.
Organising Trainings in dedicated Battery topics and International Congresses specifically for Metal-air batteries, known as MaBIC.
R&D on new materials, Components and Applications for Aluminium batteries and, finally.
Launching activities for installing the first production ana assembly lines in Spain for Aluminium battery manufacturing.

What are our battery solutions today?

Due to the extensive experience of Albufera’s team know-how in diverse battery technologies and application fields, we are providing Battery Systems based on traditional products as Lead-acid or Lithium-ion among others.

Where do you manufacture batteries?

First production line of Aluminium batteries is expected to be ready by the end of 2017. These first production lines will be located in different regions in Spain intended for different product families.

Is there any transport restriction for Aluminium batteries?

Not really. Aluminium batteries will follow the same regulations as standard alkaline cells  since the same chemical and safety restrictions, the lowest ones in our industry, applies to its components.

Why could MaBIC congress be useful for me?

Metal-air batteries are one of the most promising battery technologies for the future of Smart Grids, Smart Cities and Electrical Vehicle applications. The expected growth of this market makes the attendance of MaBIC Congress very useful to be informed about new Metal-air batteries progresses, managing investment strategies in developing new products and services for your company.

Is there any battery training open now?

Albufera  offers regular training sessions in our facilities (minimum twice a year) as also  specific trainings for groups. Please, ask to our Communication Department for next dates.

Pre-Sales Question?

We are here to answer your questions regarding batteries. It is not easy to cover all our strengths to satisfy your battery needs in a web page so, we will be glad to receive your questions about any of the subjects we deal with.

Found A Bug?

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