Since its foundation, Albufera Energy Storage, the parent company of the group, has focused its main R&D activities in developing a new family of rechargeable batteries based on the Aluminium as core electrochemical metal. Aluminium is a very attractive material for energy storage due to its very high storage capability, low cost and low flammability.

For decades, research works for obtaining an Aluminium rechargeable battery have been carried out without success. The key challenge has been to find out suitable materials able to keep a constant discharge voltage during repeated cycles. Albufera has obtained an Al-air battery thanks to the last developments on advanced materials (nanomaterials) synthetized in the most prestigious European R&D centres. Aluminium-air battery developed by Albufera meets the targets demanded by the society of the future:

  • High specific energy of around 1,000 Wh/kg which provides longer working autonomy up to 5 times longer than present technologies based on Lithium-ion cells.
  • Concomitant cost reduction expected from the renewable energy implementation to 200 €/kWh, which represents one third of actual Lithium-ion systems.
  • A sustainable device, towards both the environment and the human being, since these batteries employ components and materials both recyclable and abundant in the nature.

Albufera is projecting the first production line in Spain, for delivering Aluminium-air cells by the end of 2017.