The battery knowledge

Albufera research activities carried out between April 2013 and December 2015, has shown the actual potential of using Aluminium as battery electrode: high specific and volumetric energies, low cost and environment and human being friendly. It is time to go beyond and Albufera is going to start the manufacture of Aluminium-based batteries. Meanwhile, the research on new materials will continue to fulfill the expectations on Aluminium batteries for the future.


Aluminium electrochemistry

Albufera was created to develop the electrochemistry of the Aluminium metal and its application as battery electrode. Several designs of Aluminium-based batteries (Metal-air and Metal-ion) have been explored with the support of the most experienced worldwide research groups in the field. Aluminium is the second element on the Earth with the highest theoretical electrochemical equivalent energy density.

Battery recycling and Quality

Albufera belongs to ECOPILAS, foundation leader in Spain of integrated systems for the collection and recycling of used batteries from the customers. All our activities in recycling area and company management were certified by 2014 following ISO 9001 directives.

Market approach

Albufera has an experienced and professional sales team. In addition, Albufera builds consortia with other companies in order to obtain a faster introduction into the market by the creation of a complete value chain of battery products. As example, Albufera has built CHIARA (primary batteries for hearing aids) and VERONICA (rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles) consortia. This proves the effectiveness of this kind of collaboration to build up synergies with technology leader companies as 3M, Torrecid, GAES, Microson, Sensefields, Gamesa electric, AZ España andTyccsa.

Our first research activities, between April 2013 and December 2015, has shown the actual potential of using Aluminium as battery electrode: High specific and volumetric energies, low cost and environment and human being friendly. It comes the time to manufacture this technology while the research on new materials make grow the expectations on Aluminium batteries for the future.

Technological platforms

The constant evolution of new technologies makes very important the participation in groups of discussion and knowledge sharing. The latter permits to SMEs, as Albufera, to follow a sustainable growth participating in several of the most active platforms for our business in Spain as FUTURED (Smart Grids) and M2F (electric vehicles).

Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry

Our solid collaborations with the universities and research centers (RSEQ electrochemistry group, UAM, UA, IMDEA Energia, LEITAT, UC3) allows Albufera at the forefront of the battery developments.


Albufera is present in several of the most important entrepreneurial associations in Spain in order to collaborate in the development of the best battery technologies for the most exigent and demanding requirements and specifications. Albufera is an active partner as battery expert of UNEF (photovoltaic), SECARTYS (Smart Cities and Smart Grids) and AEDIVE (electric vehicles)


Albufera relies on the best consulting companies for the improvement of several aspects of our business developments collaborating with Rousaud Costas Duran (legal), PONS (patents and brands), Agenda Plus (communication and PPRR), GAC (projects administration) and Press Corporate (media relationships).


Up to 50 times smaller and lighter than Lead-acid batteries for the same storage capacity.


The second most abundant metal in the surface of the Earth and with multiple sources distributed in the world make easy to handle the supply chain and logistics of Aluminium.


Aluminium electrodes can be produced with different structures and substrates providing a variety of functionalities to the cells manufactured. Power, specific energy, ciclability, etc., can be designed specifically for each application.


Aluminium-air technology is especially adequate for the most common non-rechargeable applications due to its volumetric energy and voltage characteristics.


Easy to recycle. No specific tools or processes are needed to manage Aluminium-used batteries. Multiple second-use for the recycled materials can be found making profitable this industry.


Albufera will manufacture Aluminium batteries under the best industrial practices and 4.0 technologies, in order to provide durable products and continuous interaction with customers.

Until having Aluminium batteries available (forecasted by the end of 2017), Albufera is commercializing high quality battery products from other technologies

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